A New Way To Access To Digitized Intellectual Property.

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Make a new access to valuable intellectual property asset by digitalization

Proactively pursue changes

Alpha Quark leads the changes for people to easily access the intellectual property. Even though intellectual properties is one of the most worthy asset classes in the world, rarely people could access them. Alpha Quark enables people to invest in valuable assets through our platform.

Pursue the novel service

Alpha Quark leads the trend by providing the differentiated and novel IT service, enabling people to invest in valuable intellectual properties.

Broaden the copyright market

Alpha Quark tries to broaden the copyright market by providing people a marketplace where they can trade digitized copyright.

New Opportunities to Invest in the Valuable Asset
  • Alpha Quark provides new opportunities to own copyright products by participating in auction and trading with other users.
Optimized Trading Platform with Intensive Security
  • Alpha Quark provides the best user experience with high performance matching engine.
Global Platform available in all around the world
  • Everyone in the world can have an opportunities to have their own copyright product through Alpha Quark.
Alpha Quark


Alpha Quark enables people to enjoy the value of intellectual property
:copyright purchasement and copyright trading through Alpha Quark Token.

Alpha Quark digitized intellectual property rights. By possessing these valuable intangible assets, people can get not only royalties from the copyrights, but also enjoy diverse benefits from the Wiprex platform as an incentive.

Now Alpha Quark owns more than 200 top tier K-pop songs so that it will continuously add more auctions and trading pairs in the future. To give AQT users more benefits, people will be able to use AQT to participate in particular auctions. This will be good chances for AQT holders who want to buy digitized intellectual properties.

Alpha Quark provides users a new and valuable trading service of digitized intellectual properties including music copyright. Moreover, Alpha Quark plans to provide users trading service for drama copyright, webtoon copyright, movie copyright etc,.

Alpha Quark Points


Alpha Quark Token

Alpha Quark Token Information

Alpha Quark Token (AQT) is ERC-20 compatible distributed on the Ethereum blockchain according to a related ERC-20 smart contract the “Alpha Quark Token”.

  • Total 30,000,000 Alpha Quark Token issued.
  • Strict vesting & lock-up policy implemented by smart contact of Ethereum

Alpha Quark Token Features

Staking Service

AQT can be staked to get additional incentives.

Payment Service

Mobile and efficient low-cost hardware and optimized propietary management.

Auction Participation Priority

You can participate in auction where you can be the first holder of intellectual property. AQT will give you priority for the auction.


By holding AQT, you can get fee discount when you buy or sell intellectual property through mobile application.

Blockchain Certification

Mobile and efficient low-cost hardware and optimized propietary management.

Staking Pool Voting

When you stake your AQT, you can participate in voting for the staking pool.


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Why Alpha Quark Token ?

Improve awareness of the value of intellectual property

Even though intellectual property is one of the most worthy asset classes in the world, rarely people could access them. Alpha Quark will improve people’s awareness of intellectual property to make them understand the economic value of intellectual property.

Open a blue ocean market of intellectual property.

As the intellectual property market has not matured, we believe that there will be a huge chance as an early player in the market. Alpha Quark will broaden the market for intellectual property.


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Chief Executive Officer

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Chief Operating Officer

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Chief Technology Officer

Kyoung Young Lee

Chief Information Security Officer

Lucia Lim

Chief Marketing Officer

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Research Analyst

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